Interarbor Solutions provides one-stop custom podcasting consulting, production and distribution services. The role of the independent analyst moderator and host maintains the essential balance of credibility, accuracy, interest, newness, and targeted market relevance.

Podcast episodes typically range from 10 to 45 minutes in length, and follow the format of a traditional IT industry analyst briefing — a deep and penetrating look at a market need, user problems and technology adoption solution approach. The discussion then forms the core of the BriefingsDirectTM media content spectrum:

Podcast Features

iTunes MP3

High-quality MP3 audio podcasts available on iTunes.


Full-text transcript blogs of the entire discussion.

Downloadable PDF

Transcript downloadable as a PDF for easy


Infographic PDF

Summaries & Excerpts

Blog-delivered summaries and excerpts of the podcast.


Extended distribution amoing participants in the BriefingsDirect™ syndication network.

More Services and Solutions

Evangelist as a Service

Evangelist as a service consulting on navigating the new landscape of digital and social awareness and using narratives as a go-to-market strategy.

Content Strategy

Content marketing campaign concepts, production, execution and distribution.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Strategy

Deep understanding of enterprise IT and major trends including cloud, mobile, big data, Internet of Things, DevOps, converged infrastructure, enterprise architecture.

Additional Services

Moderation, speaking, webinars/webcasts, white papers.

Cost Efficient

The combination of podcasts, searchable and linkable transcripts, blogs and extended distribution creates a highly cost-efficient new means to reach and communicate with any IT-focused core communities. BriefingsDirect™ sponsored B2B podcasts with analyst Dana Gardner are easier to produce than white papers, deeper than advertisements, and less expensive than webinars or live events.

Proven Success

Such partner sponsors as Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Ariba/SAP, Dell, and The Open Group are gaining ongoing value from these projects.

Turnkey Solution

Complete planning, production, moderating, transcription, and distribution service packages for turnkey custom podcast projects are affordably priced, with volume discounts available. Add-on services, such as infographics creation and webinars, are available on a custom basis.

Customized Quality

Interarbor Solutions’ BriefingsDirect™ projects are managed individually to bring the highest level of customization and quality commitment to each client. We provide clients with innovative and precisely tailored services. Contact us for more details or for a project scope proposal on creating compelling and educational online content.